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Zombie horde / PvP


One In The Battle Advanced! The new generation of rpg battles!
You join a lobby with different items, each opens a specific gui 
There is 5 gamemodes to play, classical arenas, freemode, tournaments, challenges, and zombies! 
Each entertains the players in a different way. The bow is the main element, it's usually insta kill on weak players.
The more you play, the more you get Cases which are used to unlock new Gear, could be a new weapon, a new armor piece, or a new perk. 
Players can equip their new gear to increase their light level which is a number that determines how good their gear is. 
The RPG system can be compared to destiny. gear has a maximum value of 100, which separates the items into 4 tiers and 3 rarities, and the player inventory system is similar a bit to CS:GO.

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